86. Glover’s Leonidas.


Glover’s Leonidas was unduly praised at its first appearance, and more unduly depreciated. The periodical publications of the day abound with criticisms and panegyrics upon it. The best piece of 160ridicule which appeared upon the occasion is the argument of an epic poem entitled, Jack the Giant-killer.

Book 1. A poetico-historical account how Jack went to an old witch to enquire how to make himself glorious. How the old witch told him, he must be knocked on the head at the Straits of Gibraltar. How Jack, who laughed at all witchcraft, followed the old witch’s advice, but first took leave of his wife and family.

2. How Jack travelled and travelled till he came to the Straits. How the Giant sent word to Jack lie would eat him up. How Jack bade him kiss his ——.

3. How the giant brought all the world to fight against Little Jack.

4. 5. How Jack’s men fought with the giant’s men; but neither Jack nor the giant did any thing.

6, 7. How prince Prettyman fell in love, and how Miss Airy killed herself for the man she never spoke to.

1618. 9. How Jack, who for a long while said nothing, said his prayers, went out, and was knocked on the head.


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