54. Henrietta Maria.


The priests whom Henrietta Maria brought over with her to this country, 92were absurd and insolent enough to bid her, as a penance, walk barefoot to Tyburn, and pray upon the spot for those of her own religion who had been executed there for treason.

This is mentioned in a little book entitled, “The Life and Death of Henrietta Maria de Bourbon, Queen to that Blessed King and Martyr, Charles the first;” it is “dedicated and devoted to the most high and mighty Monarch, the Grand Exemplar of Magnanimity, Majesty, and Mercy, Charles the second;” and this is somewhat remarkable, as it did not appear till after his death, James the second being mentioned in the title-page.

The muttering of some is spoken of, who said they, “could discern no cause of joy in her being pregnant, God having better provided for us in the hopeful progeny of the Queen of Bohemia.” It is no wonder that such mutterers were called scandalous and seditious at the time; but it must be admitted now, that they spake 93with that wise foresight which may be called political prophecy.


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