18. Transplanting Trees.


The King of the Adites, in Thalaba, removes a full grown forest to his garden of Irern.

———Should the King
Wait for slow Nature’s work ?

Vol. i. p. 23.

Where romancers and novelists stop short of positive miracle, their most extraordinary inventions are paralleled or exceeded by the history of real life. The Czar[1] Peter did the same thing as 32Shedâd, and his method may be recommended to our Nabobs who want trees about their mansions, and can afford to pay for the removal of live timber. They were dug up in winter with plenty of earth about their roots, which being frozen did not drop off. It would be advisable to dig round them before the frost set in. Care should be taken to replant the tree in the same position as that in which it grew; if its southern side be turned to the north, it will have new habits to learn, and may die before it has acquired them.

  1. Mem. of P. H. Bruce. Book 4.


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