168. Earth Bathing.


Dr. Graham’s earth bath was used as a remedy for drunkenness by the Irish rebel Shane O’Neil, in Elizabeth’s days. “Subtle and crafty he was especially in the morning; but in the residue of the day very uncertain and unstable; and much given to excessive gulping, and surfetting. And albeit he had most commonly two hundred tuns of wines in his cellar at Dundrun, and had his full 336fill thereof; yet was he never satisfied till he had swallowed up marvellous great quantities of Usquebagh, or Aqua Vitæ of that country; whereof so immeasurably he would drink and brase, that for the quenching of the heat of the body, which by that means was most extremely inflamed and distempered, he was eftsoones conveyed (as the common report was) into a deep pit, and standing upright in the same, the earth was cast round about him up to the hard chin, and there he did remain until such time as his body was recovered to some temperature.”

Holinshed, vol. 6. p. 331.



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